Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Systems of hidden numbers and formulas. Templates from nature and belief systems and language founded on numeric relationships.

With unlimited applicaiton domains it’s no wonder that Stock Brokers, Designers, Painters, Musicians and many others dip into these frameworks and numerical relaitionships inherent in nature. I recently used one of the sacred geometric forms to undertake some music and the results were mind bogglingly good although the strucure was very hard to play with half bars dotted everywhere in the structure pattern (track called ‘The Waves’ from the album Radio Wonderlust Vol 1.

Check out the links below for your next big project. ** checked as of 23 Oct 2005 **


 Sacred Geometry-Star Mapping

Sacred Landscape Geometry 2000, Rennes, Simon Miles

Baconian Evidence for Royal (Son of Queen Elizabeth) Lineage & Shakespeare Authorship. ( Image libraries and abundant scholarly detail about the Bacon story is assembled wonderfully there.

Designer Genes Bacon/Shakesphere Son of Queen Elizabeth -Franklin Library/Bruton

Bacon -Shakesphere -Queen Elizabeth, Bruton Vault, Geomantic Blueprint for Americas Spiritual Destiny AND Eldorado -Atlantis from Amarushka-

Eagle in Pennsylvania (head of appalachian “spine”),

Rennes Southern France Geometric in Much Greater Detail: Precedent for the Templar Re-Pent Agenda?

Templar Fabric of Time- William Buehler’s

‘The Builder’s of Chartres’ book, Bernard of Clairveaux & Templar.

offset PENT on MARS face Cydonia GEOMETRIC(from

– John Michell’s book “Simulacra”: Faces on the Land… etc.. etc..

Astronomy in Japan:Yowatashi Boshi
Japanese Star Loreof Orion