Sophies World by John Rawh

Sophies World 

by John Rawh

 This book is a look at the development of Western philosophy through the eyes of a little girl Sophie (Sophos is Greek for knowledge) and her grandfather who teaches her in simple terms the meaning behind the ideas of Greek and Europes philosophers. We are of course asked to take the place of Sophie and the tone of this book is everyman’ish. In truth all philosophy books or concepts must be illustratable to a child and not dependant on being propped up with sub-sub concepts or jibberish. This book is fun and a lot less dry than the dustier books on Philosophy. Here’s a quote :

“A council to make the lamp for the future society obliged to consider every detail.When agree on all they drop dead then come to life again in the society they have legislated for.They will also have no foreknowldge of their new sex or passion in the society”


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