The Dice Man by Luke Rhineheart

The Dice Man

by Luke Rhineheart

This book caused an uproar when it was released and has since went on to be a cult classic. There was even a follow up called ‘Beyond the Dice Man’ (I think) that is equally as good.

The main premise of the book is that we can change the course of our lives by using arbitrary means – such as a dice throw. Each number has an action with at least one of them something either radical or something we don’t want to do. In fact we NEED the dice throw to force us to take bigger risks because by default we don’t have the balls. The more Luke Rhineheart throws the dice and himself into unlikely, strange and weird situations the more we question the unwavering predictability of our own life decisions. This one is a page turner. When I read this I bought a set of green dice

Little wonder this book started a cult that still exists today.


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