Eastern Saloon

Eastern Saloon


The foreign policy of America


Swings open like saloon doors


Surprised analytical eyes swing


Round in their seats.



Conflict is inevitable.


Cowboys and Indians


Cowboys and Arabs


Cowboys and Chinese


Cowboys and Greeks



The Eastern Saloon and the changing of seats


No one sits easy on their chair anymore.


A thunder of fidgets and staring at the door



Arms Dealers for barmen in the Eastern Saloon.


Sit next to the hate and fresh air tycoons.


We’re the mugs that are serving them the drinks.


The sweat of your labour for their high jinx



If it was chess then they would paint you as a pawn.


If it was football then would sit you in the stand.


Nationalism hypnosis and obsessions with land

Leaves a high bill for the butcher and dust in our hand.Links

American Foreign Policy Council

Middle East Review of International Affairs – US Foreign Policy Resources
Nationalism – definition on Wikipedia
Saloons of the American West – Legends and Background


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