I left my pimped USB game controller in SanFrancisco

I’m serious. I had it all ready to use as a lightsabre cum play start stop trigger augmentary physical groove device…..anyways I digresss…

San Francisco you big whore…i love ya.

Before my recent visit I was looking in on America from the eye of the teleivison and I see how dangerous that can be – in all kinds of ways….it’s better to consume actual Americans to get an idea of America.

I came over and I got the idea all right….there’s intelligence, fire, anger, passion, LOADS OF ISMS, fear, sub-sub-subugenres, ….people talk of their futures now more solidly than ever before…..the landscape has popped into view with recent events and I hear tales of escape, tales of empire building, the coming social winters and mostly tales of a hunger for change…

It’s like all the movies going at once sometimes.

I used to think of Americans as little children but it’s not the case at all . . . . the genesis of their country has spawned a country where you can’t really describe how an american looks, it has no common ancestory, the native peoples misnamed by Columbus – it’s like an Eden experiment and the bio devices are being pulled out of the wonder phase and into the mire….I love them and my heart bleeds for them now I’ve been so close to them…

I believe in the Americans I met. As Bill Hicks said – if we could get past shit, feed people, and unite we could explore space together in freedom and forever…..that;’s the scale of the shit and we need to work backwards from it.

Americans are driven crazy with race like no othe place I’ve been in. It’s simple – everyone has got to love every other race even if it takes free inter-racial porn to be secretly given out to spotty teenagers….their dicks know in their mini-hearts that all kinds are wired to work out just fine in our bones…

I’d also like to use this point in wandering blog to suggest once more the map of redemption idea I have which involves me, a massive swimming pool with a floating world map full of girls….I know I could help fix things with three days of that……

Words and the dance you get up to – I like the funky, dirty slide of SanFranciscan patter. I dig the cats and I love it when shit is hittin and spittin….I don’t dig Motherfucker as a word at all but I can’t stop using it – we should all agree to change that motherfucker..oops…bollocks…iscratch that word….editS£@$

Right – I’m falling around mad. i love you and this SanFrancisco thing isn’t a fad. Listen up I was serious about that gamepad thing and all the boogaloo I’ve yet to do with you. I am me, She is She and You are You – I’m all about the voodoo..

Peace but agression where needed
Schmwoah xxxx


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