Manchester Central + Counting Feathers

i was born in Manchester and somehow over the past fewyears I keep returning to it.

It made no great impact on me when I was young as I left when I was 6 years old for Scotland – I even had an Irish accent up until the age of 6 as a result of my mother hammering words and books in – it still influences my rrrrolll and curved delivery today…

Anyways – Manchester seems to be the midpoint between the ‘known’ and sometimes ‘dour’ Scotland and the knob-end’ishness of London. Liverpool is another one of these halfway houses too but the PR for that place is even worse. There is a cultivated stigma of the North by the power structures that be – it’s mostly around the Northerners (Northern England and Scotland) being : drunken/violent/uncouth and general theiving scallywags …..neighbours are always the same with the bullshit they get up to – take the greeks and the turks…..ANY PAIR OF NEIGHBOURS of course….it’s a truism …

The thing with Northern England is that they spirutally made a bargin with the Scots and the Irish…..the irish and Scots were in the port towns and Liverpool was as Irish as it was English for a while…..records came in from the US and John Lennon heard the blues players that changed his life…’s like the Manchesters, Liverpools and laterally the Newcastles have secretly shifted who they really hold alliance with… pisses off Parliament no end…there is a real overlap with the Celts and those in Northern England….it’s funny is all I’m saying…

..ok – enough – i’m just breakin it down for my imagined international readers….

So I’m in the UK again… i San Fran I am not outdoors much – I’ve got super functional with spare time now…. been working on the website for Flying Mountain….I insist you check the splendour of it :
OR another door in

There’s even a Flash remix tool that I’ve been fucking about with – it will let you ‘remix’ When I was Young…..follow the Picasso that has fallen down the stairs to use it.

Our artist that we commissioned to do some work for the Elemental side of things today (1 week late) said that “shit has turned out good and he wants twice as much”……It annoys rather than surprises and I’..m shocked that a hand-shake and the money up front doesn’t cut shit the way it has since the dawn of commerical barganing…….these little annoyances make me want to learn the lot of it and do it myself but that’s the wrong impetus – we need to collaborate and mix it up – we need to put those chemicals together and see if it fizzes…..if bitches are mumbling and standing over the DNA spread out on A4 and wondering which bit is theirs then things never get up and walk….


The guys great though so we’ll see…

anyway – weather is crap now – it’s raining and cold….bollocks – the winter is here and I spent all my summer indoors making records!!!…the agony, the pain and the general unhealthy palour…..



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