It’s about time – you know pinball kerchunk ting…

yep – wackyness in a row deserves a few strokes…

the past two weeks I have been up in Scotland plugging into the beautiful drink of water that is my folks and people……me and some OLD friends went up north for a few days- a spot on the water next the islands – where three oceans meet – islands in the North West of Scotland….1-2 hours from Loch Lomond – for a stag doo….the final pissup of my mate before he gets married –

This is the same place that the KLF came to burn a million quid on the island of Jura. They took a million in cash out of the bank, flew up and then burned the lot in a disused shed. They also filmed it.

the water – which is a big deal for me – was really otherworldly round the islands…

when three oceans meet the water is calm and still in places
and rushing horses right next to it
the height of the water varies making the ocean seem like a drunken
set of stairs have been imparted upon the water
it’s the truth of the soups
and our lives are like this
memories and peoples like swells
the dream of a wave can never get you wet
no photograph is ever a touch
and the people and the things and the moments
rush in and around us…..
we are our own carbon filters…..
shutting out the noise lest we revert to our chemical state…

it’s been snowing here and my trip back down to Manchester was fucked up with…wait for it…frozen tracks……an extra 8 hours running around going north west to get south….sometimes the steps are easy and sometimes they are hard….

luckily the journey had it’s share of characters who had to trail around the same as me on alternative routes…

– the young gay bear cub performer and his daddy bear who had just came out. They were sitting next to me on reserved seats. I’m sure the whole day was a hidden camera thing. We ended up singing things like Like a Bat Out Of Hell, Kate Bush, and a good way through the 80’s and 90’s. The big daddy bear had only recently come out and they were both wearing kilts – which is well worth mentioning….fucking hilarious good fun…as a result the hen party became attracted to the noise – nine non-bashful lasses from a factory in Scotland…..fruity as you like and then of course they attracted the two death metal prono stars – long lank hair gawky white pallour black clothes – the funeral yet to happen… These guys had business cards with “Glamour model and below in itallics it said that their speciality was a ‘GagShag’…..these motherfuckers were ugly as sin and as he went onto explain that he got 500 quid for 4 hours..and that a gagshag was either when the woman bled or …he started flipping out though as it got more weird though and i thought he was going to go for a Semi-auto …fully automotive knee jerk kaboom….

yep we were in Manchester…

Scale will be out on Feb06 in the UK.
You heard it here first.
Even the concept of time is locked in time therefore rendering logic only applicable to human brains and NOT the universe.
You heard it here first.
Franz Ferdinand are parlour Scots being paraded like poodles for the queen
Off with their heads. Do not cheat the children out of real rebellion.
Buy my records or it might get ugly. 😉


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