New Year New Militancy

Ladies, gentlemen and all those inbetween … Chronia Pola and happy new year to y’all – i hope you get your full bicep pumping this year. We have the power we just haven’t stepped up to take it yet….Much love and thanks to all those that helped me and that I worked with in 2006 – I appreciate it – if I can start the motor on that golden boat you’ve got a ticket.

I’m in Naxos, Greece at the moment and came here for Crimbo and the New Year. The gaff here is a little spot up on the hill with an outside toilet, hardly any space and loads of cats….a new addition of a rabbit has turned up and because it hangs around so many cats it now thinks it’s a cat which is very funny…we’ve called it Hendrix Alexander (as in Jimi and ‘the great’) because it keeps trying to shag all the cats – specifically the male ones. Unfortunately Albainian workers (the cheap work slaves of Greece akin to the Mexicans of the US) have been doing work continually for the landlord which means the place is a building site…it’s been this way for a while now. This has really been getting my goat wot with the noise and the lack of privacy….

I don’t have a dog but I have an acoustic guitar and it’s companionship is never regretted. I didn’t have it from Aug-Dec and missed it terribly – I was gagging to spend some time with it over the new year period however an sleepy early morning incident with a knife and coffee packet meant I sliced the top of my finger on my left hand meaning I have a three week minimum recovery period until it’s strong enough to fret strings – bollocks…..hence the reason I’m writing lyrics and playing my melodia. I’ve been writing ALOT and I have three notepads full of new songs and lyrics. It’s time to work with other singers……

2006 eh?…. I never used to think of the future as something that you would ever arrive at and in a way we never do…. Stanley Kubrick’s movies 2001 and 2010 seemed so distant and those years seemed only like distant roadsigns – i never imagined that they would become destinations. Some people say we are beyond history now and into some new phase where it’s ‘all live and no archive’….this is shit of course.

Soon I will step to Manchester and set up a studio base there. Someone said to me aren’t your worried about moving to Manchester and “is the revolution there?” I said the revolution is wherever I’m at baby….What did I learn in 2005 and how am I going to play it in 2006?

Well the main thing is that I managed to finish three records and have demos for another three which are waiting in the wings. Doing your first record on your todd is a great learning experience and I’ve went on about this alot so I’ wont beat that drum too much. I’m a happy camper wot with finishing stuff…

Resolutions and grandiose statements….
* No shit from anyone ever again. I’m a nice guy but now I have a corona less angelic and blue and more fiery red these days. Those that say they will do something for me and don’t will get fucked up. I think that’s fair – stay away if you are hot air – i’ll pop your thin rubbery skin.
* Studio is being set up in Manchester…this will be Motown II. I’m excited about this – so far my studio has been halfway round the globe and I’m done with that for a while.
* I’m training/mentauring no other young people for free – they are not worth it. They are vain and have an inflated sense of their own ability based on their imagination rather than reality. Too much TV and not enough sweat. Irrespective of the time and the gold you give them they imagine themselves to be a peer. I know that the final meal of the student is to eat the teacher in one gulp but all the nibbling on the ankles prior to that is driving me crazy. Good luck on your own. I’m sure there are worthy ones out there it’s just that at the moment I’m not looking for them.
* Half of the people involved in the music industry should get the fuck out and get into the film business where they can preen on the screen if you know what I mean. DVD sales (for #1’s) outstrip record sales by a margin of 10 to 1 . It’s a sign of how deep the slavery and passivity has went 😉 – they had better get Virtual Reality up and running to the masses quickly or we’ll all become meat machines with big thumbs looking for the ‘exciting extras’ on DVD discs.
* I’m in charge – it’s the only way it works. Great art isn’t made by committie and if Michael Angelo could steal from the Pope then I can do what the fuck I want. I know best.
* I bought a cheap video camera to get into the whole podcast thing for 2006 but someone nicked it on my train journey up from Manchester to Edinburgh the day after I bought it. Even though I got Sherlock holmes and pressurised the guard to run back the security camera footage on the train to the time of theft I didn’t manage to spot them mainly because the guard didn’t know how to use the system and was looking in the wrong cabin. Ouch.
* Paying to sleep on someones couch – that’s finished. I’d rather sleep in a van or a park bench.
* I’m gonna take Indian music overground. I’m sick of Punjabi MC being the only thing that folks can grab onto out of the culture. It’s a sign of how lazy people have become. Unless it’s simple punjabi style ‘rock’ drumming blended with a house or hip hop beat people can’t get onto it. Get off the 3 minute 4/4 teat you mupppets – it’s like eating Fish and Chips every night – your soul will have a coronary.
* Lots of new artists to work with this year – projects in the pipleline include the wilfully avante garde Hobo Heist from Wales, Louis Anderson a singer songwriter from the South of England, Si Haydn (progressive classical guitar)….and more I’m sure.
* I’m going to get into boxing again. I miss my punchbag that I had in India.
* I’m done with Greece for the time being (except for Athens which is great). Greece had a great 200 year period thousands of years of ago. The problem is that the young folks, specifically men, seem to imagine those laurels carry forward to the present time. They don’t – today is today. I’m not saying everyone – just the majority 😉 No doubt as a result of this dissapointment me and my girl did an artpiece which was a female tailors dummy and a megaphone as the head – we spray painted the whole thing red and will unveil it at the important archaelogical site on the island in the next few days where I will give a speech to the air and birds. I called it Greek male. We’ll video it for the crack and I’ll post it up here.
* Fuck the whole left-right, black-white mentality.
* If I don’t practice what I preach then it’s because I’m not the kind of person that I’m preaching to.

Do I sound militant and angry? Yes I do but I’m ok with it. Anger isn’t a bad thing – it can be great petrol for your motor. Tupac Shakur said that ” fear is stronger than love” and I hate to admit that he is right. People fold real easy when they get the fear and all the love you put into them counts for shit. I don’t see the dopey eyed people as cows anymore I see them as steaks. Do I feel positive about 2006? – of course I do – I’m only ever pessimistic around 5percent of the time. It must be the time of the year….here’s a poem I wrote around this time a couple of years ago

One Day the Dogs Will Come For You

Some poets fill their wordage with Keats and Joyce
Others sycophants on the peripherary of a pub conversation they had no drink at.
Crock flowerings of prose copied like old embroidery in a dim light
Scratching shapes with a stick
These are nothing but rhymes from children that are sick
No father wants his son to be a copy or less
The son must eat his history up as his first plate of nourishment in the dinner called man
Fuck the fake artisan
They are no better than children repeating lines of punishement on a blackboard

Throw away your books of The Great
Erase their rhythms and develop your own
Listen down deep into your bone

I impost a fine or tax in the names of Shelly, Byron and others of fame
Copyists and limp wrested gestures of expression be warned
I will send unfed dogs to your door
They will surely see the plate and the meat
The dogs want no hot air for their bellies

Varkala 02-01-04

That’s it – if you got this far then well done….I wish you all well for the future…but it’s not all about luck as you know….it’s how much you give a fuck


p.s. I feel much better getting that lot of my chest


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