A quick post …. I dislike the word branding as it pertains to companies trying to get you to buy their product or religion or whatever….

Branding, before marketeer muppets hi-jacked it, used to mean burning your logo into the ass of a animal with hot steel so that everybody knew who owned it.

It’s not like they even changed the name when they began to apply the principal to people. If you hear people talk about you or your brand…you can bet they are probably cowboys at heart.

How to Brand a Cow Correctly
All livestock must be branded clearly, using proper branding methods so brands are visible under all weather conditions. Branding improperly is a waste of time and money. Producers brand livestock to prove ownership and protect themselves when livestock stray or are stolen. Some common factors that can contribute to poor or faulty branding are:

irons that are not constructed properly irons that are too narrow on the face irons that are improperly heated irons that are too small branding a wet animal


2 Responses

  1. How about brainding in context of a blog?

  2. In this instance I leave the hot iron lying about for you to put it on your self;)

    Seriously though – I hope my approach doesn’t come across as a single shape to be burnt into your skull. It’s my take….and my take is that Branding Irons are the perfect metaphor for how the public are seen as dumbed down beasts…like cows in this instance.

    I’m annoyed at the terms that the raspberry frappachino drinkers are using with regards to my friends and relatives….you know?

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