All is Calm?

Dear Reader,

Hoping you are having a good December so far!?

I’d like to invite you to download, for free, my version of Silent Night.

Silent Night – mp3 version

This version of Silent Night was recorded when I was living in Kerala for 2 years recording with Carnatic musicians. When I recorded it the backdrop was the unfolding US policy as a result of 9/11 and it seems all these years later there are still problems all over the world.

Recently in Bombay there were terror attacks and there still continues to be demonisation of whole ethnic groups on all sides across the world. This track, from the album 100 Fields, was made with 2 Hindus, 2 Christians, 2 Muslims, 1 agnostic, 1 spiritualist and a Drongomala – it’s easy to make music really.

The track Silent Night will be free to download from this blog post or from all through Dec 08 until 2009. A notably wonderful Veena part played by Biju is a must listen on this track.

  • Drongomala : vocals, acoustic guitar and arrangements.
  • Balu – mridangham
  • A.R. Biju : veena
  • Jon Thorne : double bass
  • Ian Holmes-Lewis : percussion
  • Sanjay/Merlin/Lenoy/Sandra/Ramesh/Sujith – choir


Album Title : 100 Fields

Artist : Drongomala

Catalogue : FMCDA003

Label : Flying Mountain

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