Drongomala, Sinik and Tree by The Good Hurt

Drongomala, Sinik & Tree by The Good Hurt  by  drongomala


Mr Suicide

In memory of my band The Good Hurt splitting up I searched for some iconic Greek imagery to commemorate it.

This is much better – it’s Mr Suicide. Stick him in your bath tub and when you are done pull his lifeless plastic body out and watch the dirty water dissapear.


Mr Suicide

ElectroRaga VIDEO : Malkauns (midnight) 23/7/06 Red Light Area, Manchester

Malkauns is a dark brooding raga. PLayed late night. (see my article ‘Robert Johnson, The Cross Roads and Malkauns)

This gig like the rest wasn’t agreed…..thing is it wasn’t the authorities we were worried about it was the lawless…..this one was in the red light district of Manchester. Watch out for a cameo by Mick Jagger.