Almas Buenas Launch Night – Oct 27th 2010 – London

Almas Buenas Launch Night @ Barrio North, Islington, London.

I’ll be playing some of the songs from my latest album (in Spanish) at the delightful Barrio North which provides the right chic Latin ambience for such a thing.

I’ll be doing a solo acoustic set and flexing the songs in a different way than the recording from Buenos Aires.

All those that attend get a free When You Go You Take The Garden With You CD single.


Wednesday, October 27th 2010

Directions: Nearest tube stop is Angel. Come out of Angel and turn right, walk down ‘Upper Street’ until you get to ‘Islington Green’, then bear right. You will pass a Tesco Metro on your Right and Barrio North is a few hundred yards further up, on your left. It should take a 10 minute walk from the station.


Going Ape at the Natural History Museum

We had fun going around the Natural History Museum in London recently. There was only one really bad adverse reaction during the day when a chav spat on me in Brick Lane.

This isn’t fancy dress it’s context jamming y’all.

See the whole set on Flickr

I don't carry moneyImage by drongomala via Flickr

Distored Reality 2Image by drongomala via Flickr

Chimp modestyImage by drongomala via Flickr

Measuring timeImage by drongomala via Flickr

Blinking innardsImage by drongomala via Flickr

Meat fascinationImage by drongomala via Flickr

Hanging Tough with DarwinImage by drongomala via Flickr,-0.176372222222&ampspn=0.01,0.01&ampq=51.4959833333,-0.176372222222%20%28Natural%20History%20Museum%29&ampt=h&output=embed&sensor=false&s=AARTsJqzARj-Z8VnW5pkPMLMmZbqrJcYpw
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