Close My Eyes and Let it Go (free track)

ey up…

Here is a free English language version of ‘Cierro los Ojos y Despierto’ from my recent Spanish language record Almas Buenas.

Click on arrow pointing downwards to download it.

I’m shooting a stop-motion video for it now 🙂


The Good Hurt

Kick This Habit of You

My new band The Good Hurt was formed in Manchester late in 2006. We’re now playing live in the NW England and it is about time that I dropped a little blog about how the band got together and who is in it and all o’ that.

I was wanting to get a live band on the go again – I had been a digi-producer doing mostly hiphop and electronica with a variety of poeple in the UK and I wanted the live feedback of a band setup. The first addition to the group was Sinik. Sinik is a b-boy and DJ who also does photography and film and we first met when he filmed my improvisational Fusion project ElectroRaga He began filming at 6am, took punches for me and worked his way through the 4 concerts in one day right up until the Midnight concert in the Red Light Area in Manchester. The ElectroRaga day was an outrageous event and because we hung so tough on that day we had an immediate bond – they call him The Sinik but I call him by the less snappy title of Romantic Realist.

Sinik is proper quirky and rotates having pink, purple and red streaks in his hair along with some sort of bi-polar happy/sad mania. He adores Devo and The Pixies a scary amount and has some seriously enviable knowledge of funk and hip-hop.

Before forming The Good Hurt with me Sinik played a little bit of guitar but owing to our reduced numbers (2) he had to play bass guitar and a few months later and his natural groove is unencumbered as he runs over the frets like his knuckles and knees used to do on lino. It’s a beautiful thing.

We quickly began to demo stuff as a two piece and began working on a set – a mix of my songs and songs that we co-wrote the music for. I don’t tend to sing other peoples lyrics as I get psychological problems with it;)

Here are some links/downloads of our little two piece demos that we did at the time. This blog/podcast is the only place that these demo’s are available so feel free to download/share.

We really wanted a drummer and after some searching on various bulletin boards and myspace we were lucky enough to find Tree. He’s 17 but he plays like he’s been living out of a transit and rocking it for years beyond his age. The first rehearsal was great and we knew he was ‘the one’. Tree got stuck right into the mix and our dynamics opened up deliciously – the set grew and we managed to turn from roar to whisper in a heartbeat. Tree plays all the time and does some pretty avante garde projects on the side including Carcophony which he’ll be putting on at Glastonbury. It’s a large military jeep customised with loads of drums and a PA that Tree and another drummer rock out in and on top of. It’s something else alright.

After our first gig Caroline from All FM asked us if we could do a live spot for her show Funky Drive which we were happy to as it gave birth to our acoustic set. You can hear the audio of it here or by clicking on her pic – we play four tracks and chat a bit about current events aswell as some avante either or pop quiz questioning..

When we got enough jams together and after we had played another couple of gigs we decided to record a demo. We do it at Sankeys Soap. We did it live and in a day because it was cheap and we wanted to get the energy of some first takes on tape to match the excitement we were having in rehearsals. Dave Thomas engineereed and mixed it.

We recorded 4 tracks and called the EP Prescription No 1.

  1. Kick This Habit Of You
  2. Spinning Plates
  3. Do It Every Night
  4. Good Souls

A friend did the NHS style graphics for the artwork from a spec by Sinik and me.

Kick This Habit Of You is deliciously punk rock and Spinning Plates, which sounds a bit like early U2 aka Red Rocks period, saw us use the synths a bit more which were slowly creeping into the set and every song. In among the bluster Good Souls, a song I first wrote when I arrived in Manchester early 2006, showcases the band playing in a classic sensitive mould. The demo began to get us gigs no problem.

The Good Hurt don’t contrive any sort of identity and instead we dig the challenge of breeding an eclectic yet coherent output. We’re not a rock band, we’re not a new-wave band, we’re not a pop band – we’re simply The Good Hurt.

Each live show gets better than the last and the set is slowly being honed into a missile that we are aiming at the UK music biz.

Please consider yourself introduced.


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Guitar Amps Dream of Shifting Air Like a Flute

Madness -this has sat in Drafts for 4 months…oops…

Just had a flute session for Louis Oak Anderson’s EP due out this summer with the wonderful wind player Ian Dixon. Ian’s played on all kinds of things from the BBC Radio Orchestra to Primal Scream and Joni Mitchell.

Ian was brought up in Lancashire and and after stints all over the UK and his current schedule doesn’t look like his biog is slowing down. From the chats we had in the kitchen over my butchered coffee it turned out that he’s producing and arranging all kinds of music.

My favourite sessions are always the ones that finish early because it means that all is flowing.

Louis is coming up to play Manchester on the 22nd July 2007 to play the Green Room. Check The Good Hurt Blog/Dates.

Billy Preston RIP

The great singer-songwriter and performer Billy Preston, the “Fifth Beatle” has died after a long illness as a result of malignant hypertension that resulted in kidney failure and other complications. He dies in Arizona where he’d been in a coma for nearly a year.

Billy was menatuared by Ray Charles early in his life and went on to a play important roles in a number of important records. Billy played on Let It Be, The White Album and Abbey Road, he played a major role in Exile on Main Street by the Stones….AND was the organ player for Sly and the Family Stone. That’s not all his credits but those alone are pretty heavyweight…

I’ve heard alot of Billy’s playing but I haven’t seen a whole lot of him playing on film. The one bit of footage I do know is the where
the beatles are trying to make abbey road and there is alot of bad sniping going on between the fab four arguing like spoilt kids Then Billy comes in – boom the atmosphere changes and all of sudden the beatles get busy making music. Everyone is smiling ..the playing has improved..the Beatles want to impress Billy…..
Well done Billy Preston.

Louis ‘Oak’ Anderson Session

Hi there,

Just thought I’d drop a note about a two day session I had recently with the young singer/songwriter Louis ‘Oak’ Anderson from Devon.

On a stag weekend up North a few months ago a buddy of mine, Russell, played me some songs by Louis. They had worked in the same surf shop and both been fired from the shop and had remained friends. you know how it is people are always saying “you must hear this” but when I heard Louis I enjoyed it – particularly his strange voice. With the right development I thought…blah blah

So we began corresponding through email and phonecalls on a possible EP/Album for Flying Mountain. I wanted to do something acoustic with Louis rather than with a full band.

I’ll let Louis tell you the story and the link below is to his myspace profile and blog on the session.

Louis Oak Anderson on Myspace

He has a quick mix of one of the tracks up there called Princess – played with a lovely £4 guitar. I helped out on harmonies. The final record will have a flute player we think…..still looking for them so if you are a flute player in Manc then get in touch..

Will keep you posted on this one.


Scale by Drongomala now available on iTunes

Hi there – well it took a while but Scale by Drongomala is now on iTunes .

You can buy the whole record or do it track at a time.

Click the album cover below and it will open up your iTunes application (normal) – then you can preview tracks and buy.



show your support – which now starts at 79p a track!

She’s a Puzzle – Free Download

Confusion with women and not ever getting the relationships right? Secretly worried that you are an aggrandising bastard and your standards are too complicated to work out? Fractuous sparks between you and your other half? Mmm..yep – it’s not all bubblegum that will pop forever or your money back you know. The underbellies get all the dirt splashed up….

For those that know me – this piece of music is hardly veiled. It’s an instrumental. It’s written for an imaginary Bombay Fashion show and I went all operatic. Now is the time to put it out so here it is…..

Direct download link She’s a Puzzle d/l

or visit

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