Timing In Video – lesson 1

this is an perfectly timed little piece of reality TV….well snipped

Via: Flixya


VIDEO : HLI+Drongomala Sat12thAug – Birmingham

Footage links below to the recent gig by HLI and Drongomala at the Rainbow, Digbeth in Birmingham. Footage has a blend of daytime messing around aswell. This was a fundraiser for earthquake victims. Camcorder quality sound…..H(B)ollywood please call.

Filmed by MiMi and edited by AntKnee

Part 1 – hanging out and rehearsing

Part 2 – ElectroRaga

Part 3 – Hi Diving

Part 4 – Homeward

Part 5 – Everything Is Gonna Be OK

Part 6 – Outro with Guest Juice Aleem, Sensei C doing street poetry and WuTheF*@! doing a ditty.


Medical 2 of X : Doctor Ongo Mala : NHS, Anti Depression and Marvin

Dr Ongo Mala reveals that even the simplest of ‘found’ objects can help reduce the cost of the NHS – in this case the use of Marvin Gayes – What’s Going On as a method to combat depression.

Watch, listen and learn….it’s nearly a science..